World Class Mindset

Web Developer & Desinger

Developed and manage client website hosted on Wix and makes use of the Wix Corvid API. The website has a custom-coded member's area with modules, games, and exercises. In addition to this, I design various items from logos, cards, worksheets, and more at the client's request.

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Barbareño & Cubaneo

Web Developer

Developed and maintained the websites hosted on Squarespace and subdomain hosted on Weebly. I updated these sites regularly to help improve SEO, reflect menu changes, and change the design seasonally.

Barbareño Site Cubaneo Site
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Barb's Pies

Web Developer

Developed website using Node.js, Mongo, and Bootstrap. I updated this site regularly to reflect menu changes, updates, and more.

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Web Developer

Designed, developed, and maintain website. Built using Node.js, Mongo, and Vanilla JavaScript.

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